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How to Protect Your House During a Roof Repair or Installation Project

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Roof repair or roof installation project can be a huge undertaking. Despite the truth that a new roofing system can be one of the largest expenses for a home project, it’s also among the most vital assets of your house and it’s not something that should be taken for granted. If you’re having a new roofing system installed in your residential property, you might be concerned about damaging the exterior part of your home. Fortunately, you came to the right place. This article will help you protect your house, especially the exterior part, during roof installation process with the help of the professionals like roofing installation Kamloops.

1. Make Sure to Move Your Vehicles

Keep your vehicles at a much safer distance from the project site until the roofing installation or repair job is completed. It’s also a great idea that you close the garage doors of your property during the roofing installation process in order to prevent any debris and dust from entering the garage.

Since professional roofing service providers who repair and install roof need to easily and quickly access their equipment and tools, it’s highly beneficial that you offer them an accessible parking spot. This might sometime involve having to sacrifice your own parking spot since it’s a necessary concession.

2. Consider Removing Your Wall Decorations

It’s really a good idea that you remove the decorations on your wall during a roof repair or roof installation process since the vibrations made by hammers and other machineries on your roofing may travel through some of your walls. This is often the case when your home has a deck that needs repair.

Therefore, it’s really a great idea that you walk through the rooms in your home on the level right below your roofing and then remove knick-knacks, pictures, as well as other things from your ceiling or walls except those stuffs that are already secured with screws. It’s also best to remove other decorative fixtures like chandeliers and other lightings in order to avoid risks that are associated with roofing installation or repair.

3. Don’t Forget Your Attic

Most roof installation service providers often walk on the roofing and pounding it with their hammers while installing or replacing your roofing system. This can actually create small dust or debris falling in the attic. Thus, before the installer begin working on the roof, it’s best that you cover the valuable items with old sheets first. But, you’ll also have to do light vacuuming in your attic the moment roof installation project has been completed.

4. Move Patio Furniture

The moment your roofing is being repaired or installed, it’s good that you store outside items like potted plants, lawn ornaments, patio furniture and grills in a shade or garage. If you do not have a storage on site, you can also store these things in a spot that’s safe and away from the work zone. On the other hand, remember that it’s not the job of the roofing contractors so most of them won’t help you move your things inside or outside your home.

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